New electric carbon fiber electric wheelchair is lightweight and portable. Especially suitable for people who have difficulty traveling.

carbon fiber electric wheelchair

Lightweight Carbon Fiber  Folding Electric Power Wheelchair

  • 1. Lightweight, newly updated and comfortable wheelchair frame: The wheelchair frame is made of the third-generation professional handmade carbon fiber material and weighs only 37.4 pounds (without battery). The armrests and seat cushions are ergonomically designed, with beautiful streamlines and just the right place curves to reduce the discomfort of longtime sitting. The folding buckle placed in the back of the chair and wheelchair can be folded with a single pull.

  • 2. More friendly details for you: added the front fork installed at the tire, provide the upgraded shock absorption performance , plus the obstacle crossing ability is doubled, allowing you to travel unimpeded on hillsides and slopes.The wheel base and wheelbase of the wheelchair adopt the golden ratio design, taking into account outdoor security required and also the small turning radius in a smaller home environment.

  • 3. Great power performance and strong endurance: 0-5MPH speed acceleration time only take 4 seconds, dual motors provide strong traction even on gravel, pebbles, mud, and grass. Two standard batteries for 12.5 miles of range. You can also take your electric wheelchair with you on public transportation such as planes, cruise ships, trains, taxis, etc.

  • 4. The new brushless control system: smooth start and stop, more comfortable for the use, this also reduce the secondary hurting caused by sudden acceleration to the body. Less noise, giving you and your family a quieter environment

Super Lightweight Carbon Fiber Electric Power Wheelchairs

  • Full carbon fiber frame, weight only 39lbs without batteries
  • 100% handmade frame design -providing higher shock absorption, bump sensitivity, and traction.
  • Expertly designed seat and backseat match the curvature of your spine
  • Puncture Free Solid Rubber All-Terrain front/rear tires.
  • Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick
  • With 2 airline compliant lithium-ion batteries -worldwide travel friendly.
  • Electronic Intelligent braking system -stop at any point while you let go of the joystick handle.
  • Suspension on both front wheels
  • Lightweight compact size give you the most convenient pick up and go experience. The wheelchair can be used for avaiation/cruise ship/train travel.

Post time: Jan-19-2024