Aluminum Alloy electric folding wheelchair is the best choice for the elderly when travel outside

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25 Miles Long Travel Range : Two 12AH 300WHA lithium batteries eliminate the hassle of frequent charging and deliver extended travel range up to 25 miles after a full charge. Youhuan power wheelchair is Plane - Cruise Approved.

  • A Safer Motorized Wheelchair Choice - Numerous safety features are implemented into a reliable foldable electric wheelchair, including safe slop electromagnetic braking system, seat belt, solid puncture free tires, selected aviation alloy materials and integrally formed four layers solid craftsmanship, which is superior to its stability and flexibility.
  • Powerful Motors Easy To Use: Balanced among power, efficiency, and compact size, the robust motor is excellent when handling all-terrain roads even under a 330lb load bearing. Besides, the responsive 360 joystick is easy to maneuver and brake even in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair: Youhuan portable mobility scooter for adults is durable and compact which facilitates not only traveling or transport, but a more enjoyable independent mobility for the strength limited.
  • Satisfaction Ensured: 1* Fully Assembled Electric Wheelchair, 1* User Manual, 1* Toolkit, 1* Charger, 2* Storage Bags. One Year Warranty Service for non-human damage of the controller, power and batteries.portable lightweight electric wheelchair
  • Real Freedom To Keep Going

    The Youhuan power wheelchair is an exceptional mobility aid renowned for its extraordinarily long travel range up to 25 miles with two 12AH high performance lithium batteries. (Two batteries are convenient for the backup use.) Torque motors enable the heavy-duty electric wheelchair to handle heavier loads than others, making it suitable for individuals with varying body weights. The 360 joystick allows the user to navigate the mobility scooter in any direction smoothly and precisely even in tight spaces. Also, the controller can be placed on the either left or right side of the armrest.

    Far Driving Distance Up To 25 Miles

    25 Miles travel range after fully charged of Youhuan  lightweight electric wheelchair is a good choice for the mobility limited as it eliminates the hassle of frequent charge when in everyday activities. The charging time is about 5 hours per battery with the multi-authenticated charger (CE, FCC, TUV etc). Inaddtion, our powerful Electric wheelchair is Plane - Cruise Approved tested by MSDS official that complies with all safety and accessibility transport regulations. It would never be a problem when you want to go to the supermarket, the mall, around home, visit neighbors or even for a trip.

    motorized lightweight electric wheelchair

    Up-to-date Intelligent Braking System

    The electromagnetic braking system of the motorized wheelchair is a vital component that ensures the safety and control of the wheelchair during operation. It is specifically engineered to offer the individuals with limited mobility a reliable and efficient braking capabilities, ultimately uplifting you to experience increased independence and greatly improve your overall quality of life.

    Foldable Electric Wheelchairs Customized for Elderly

    Youhuan  compact lightweight electric wheelchair's 21-inch width is carefully measured to provide ample space for individuals of varying body types. It allows for a comfortable seating position and reduces the risk of feeling cramped or restricted while using the wheelchair, providing optimal comfort and freedom of movement. What's more, for pushing the wheelchair more comfortable, you can adjust the length of the foldable wheelchair's handle bar to suit your height.

    All-terrain wheelchair Meets Daily Needs

    Youhuan  all-terrain wheelchair is equipped with larger, more durable wheels and robust construction enabling it to handle challenging outdoor conditions such as rough surfaces, uneven terrains, gravel, grass, dirt, sand, and even snow. This empowers you to embrace life's adventures as a companion, whether you're navigating bustling city streets or exploring outdoor trails.




Post time: Nov-07-2023