Fully Automatic Reclining Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair 500W Motor

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YouHuan-Reclining electric wheelchairs are a comfortable and flexible option for individuals requiring mobility assistance. These chairs are designed to provide maximum support and comfort, with a range of features that make them an efficient and reliable choice.

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1.Complete with a seatbelt and an anti-tipper as standard
2. Now You Can Operate Your Wheelchair from a Distance Using the Bluetooth Remote Controller
3. The ability to auto-recline. Set the backrest to the position that is most comfortable for you.
4. Intelligent and portable. Power motorized mobility scooter wheelchair that is small and portable.
5.Compatible with a single lithium battery that has a range of more than 15 miles
6. You Won't Have Any Problems Using This Wheelchair on Grass, Ramps, Brick, Muddy, Snow, or Rugged Highways
7. Superior Back and Seat Cushions That Breathe Wheelchairs with
8. 8-inch front wheels may easily rotate 360 degrees on a 33-inch radius.Puncture-free back wheels measuring
9. 12.5 inches for all-terrain driving
10. Available at an Unbelievable Price. Grab yours right away and benefit from the free mobility!

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A wide range of people who need mobility help can use reclining electric wheelchairs. They are especially useful for people with restricted mobility or who need to spend a lot of time in a wheelchair.
Those who are unable to sit straight for extended periods of time due to illnesses or accidents are one group who could benefit from a reclining electric wheelchair. These people can shift to a more comfortable posture because to the reclining feature, which lessens discomfort and the chance of developing pressure sores.



Portable Wheelchair

Our all-new innovative design is a compact folding wheelchair which makes it perfect for travel. This power chair is perfect for any type of trip. This electric wheelchair is perfect for, cruises, cars, and more! This multi-use wheelchair for adults is a compact wheelchair that is easy to transport.

Lightweight & Strong

This electric wheelchair uses an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame that is lighter and more durable.

Long Range

The battery gets up to 15+ miles in driving distance.* The Lithium battery can be charged and used together or separately. Along side the peace of mind that having so many miles before your next charge this wheelchair makes life easier with its reclining and remote control capabilities.

Additional Features

Not only are these electric wheelchairs for adults compact and light wheelchairs but they are also reclining. Reclinable wheelchairs add an additional comfort. This electric wheelchairs for adults comes with a remote control which adds another level of ease to the use. Additionally this chair does not require any maintenance, has raisable arms, and it has anti-leaning rear design makes it more safe and stable.

What Is Included

This all new multi-use wheelchair has remote control technology. This new model wheelchair has a 360 degrees waterproof intelligent universal Joystick. It is easy to control, it has a power indicator light, power on/off, horn, speed indication, speed up, and speed down buttons. It also comes with a height adjustable headrest for optimal comfort. The added headlight in the armrest, which comes with a USB charger, assists with visibility. A tire pump & bag are included.


Ningbo Youhuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professnal manufacturer for electric wheelchair, electric mobility scooter and someother electric product.

Our state-of-the-art electric wheelchairs are designed to offer superior performance, safety, and comfort to our customers. We use cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to manufacture our products, ensuring their durability and reliability.

Our electric wheelchairs come in a wide range of models and configurations that cater to different needs and preferences, from Steel and lightweight designs to Reclining backrest electric wheelchair and Elderly Mobility scooters. We also provide customization options to accommodate specific requirements.


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