Cheap price lightweight and Foldable electric wheelchair for the Adults

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Portable electric wheelchair factory said that if you or your senior enjoyed one still has a great deal of toughness, the hand-operated kind of mobility device may still be an ideal choice. One great instance of a wonderful hand-operated kind mobility device for elders is the BaiChen Lightweight Wheelchair that has actually obtained hundreds of favorable evaluations from senior individuals throughout the world.It may be worth examining out.

Motor 180W*2 brush
Battery 24V 12Ah Lead-acid
customize different standard plugs) can add more amp or lithium battery
Max Loading 120KG

  • Motor: 180W*2 brushless
  • Battery: 24V 12Ah Lead-acid
  • Max Loading: 120KG
  • Driving Distance: 15-20km
  • N.W.(without battery): 25KG
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    Motor 500W Brush Driving Distance 15-25km
    Battery 24V 12Ah Lead-acid Seat W46*L46*T7cm
    Charger(Cancustomize different standard plugs) AC110-240V 50-60Hz Backrest W43*H40*T4cm
    Output: 24V Front Wheel 8inch(solid)
    Controller Import 360° Joystick Rear Wheel 12inc(pneumatic)
    Max Loading 130KG Size(Unfolded) 87*87*60cm
    Charging Time 6-8h Size(Folded) 36*67*87cm
    Forward Speed 0-6km/h Packing Size 68*35*73cm
    Reverse Speed 0-6km/h G.W. 36KG
    Turning Radius 60cm N.W.(with battery) 31KG
    Climbing Ability ≤13° N.W.(without battery) 28KG

    Equipped with 24V 12Ah Lead-acid battery Which Can Go 18+ Miles with Full Charge
    This Wheelchair Will Never Fail You on Grass, Ramp, Brick, Muddy, Snow, Bumpy Roads
    Breathable Seat and Back Cushions
    8 Inch Front Wheels Make it Easy for Wheelchair to Rotate 360° on a 33 Inch Radius
    Now with an Unbeatable Price. Get Yours Today and Enjoy the Free Mobility Now!

    electric wheelchair lightweight and portable
    foldable electric wheelchair


    Compared to traditional electric wheelchairs, lightweight and portable electric wheelchairs have the following characteristics:

    1. Lightweight materials: Lightweight electric wheelchairs are made of lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy, making them lighter and more convenient compared to traditional steel electric wheelchairs.

    2. Foldable design: Lightweight electric wheelchairs are designed to be easily folded, making it convenient for users to store and reducing storage space, making it easier to place in vehicles, etc.

    3. Portable and easy to move: The lightweight and foldable design of lightweight electric wheelchairs makes them easier to carry and move. Users can place them in car trunks or take them on airplanes, etc.

    4. Easy operation: Lightweight electric wheelchairs are designed to be more flexible and easier to operate. Various functions are now more intelligent and popularized.

    5. Safety and reliability: Lightweight electric wheelchairs are designed to be more flexible and equipped with accessories to ensure stability when users are driving in narrow spaces or going up and down stairs. They are also equipped with safety belts, brakes, and other safety devices to make users safer and more reliable.

    In summary, lightweight electric wheelchairs require products to be compact, lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and convenient to fold. Their portability and ease of carrying make aluminum alloy electric wheelchairs increasingly popular and suitable for a wider range of applications.


    Portable and lightweight electric wheelchairs have several main advantages:

    1. Easy to carry: Portable electric wheelchairs are easy to carry and can be folded into a smaller size, fitting into the trunk, suitcase, or even checked as airline luggage.

    2. Wide range of applications: Portable electric wheelchairs can travel on uneven surfaces and can pass through narrow doorways. They are suitable for almost all sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and indoor and outdoor venues such as shopping malls.

    3. Space-saving: Due to their convenient folding design, portable electric wheelchairs can save a lot of space when stored or idle. During use, there is no need to worry too much about vehicle storage or bag size, making it more convenient for daily use.

    4. Convenient for travel: Portable electric wheelchairs can be carried with you, making travel more convenient and easy. Whether it's for business trips, outings, visiting friends and relatives, using them becomes simpler and more convenient.

    5. High strength: Portable electric wheelchairs made of lightweight materials have high strength and excellent rust resistance. The lightweight body also improves the battery's operating time.

    In summary, portable and lightweight electric wheelchairs are favored by users due to their convenience in carrying, wide range of applications, space-saving features, and travel convenience. Especially for the elderly and disabled people with mobility difficulties, portable electric wheelchairs provide them with convenience, helping them better integrate into society and establish a more independent lifestyle.


    Ningbo Youhuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professnal manufacturer for electric wheelchair, electric mobility scooter and someother electric product.

    Our state-of-the-art electric wheelchairs are designed to offer superior performance, safety, and comfort to our customers. We use cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to manufacture our products, ensuring their durability and reliability.

    Our electric wheelchairs come in a wide range of models and configurations that cater to different needs and preferences, from Steel and lightweight designs to Reclining backrest electric wheelchair and Elderly Mobility scooters. We also provide customization options to accommodate specific requirements.


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